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Zee Telugu Bags Baahubali Telugu Satellite Rights

Baahubali-PaintIt’s official now, so far several TV channels like Gemini, Maa and Zee Telugu were in the race for bagging Baahubali Telugu movie satellite rights. Despite heavy competition, Zee Telugu has bagged the satellite rights of Telugu version for a whopping 16 crores.

For the first time in the Telugu film industry a film satellite rights are sold at a stunning price of 16 crores. As already reported earlier, the Hindi version satellite rights are acquired by Sony at 17 crores. These figures are unbelievable figures for any South Indian movie.

Right from the start, the makers of Baahubali made sure the film should reach maximum people and released the film in different languages. Looks like the strategy is reaping in profits to the film to recover a huge budget.