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Vinavayya Ramayya Movie Review

11295655_735370769904949_6945140512303398664_nTitle: Vinavayya Ramayya(2015)
Cast: Nag Anvesh, Krithika, Prakash Raj
Director: G Ram Prasad
Producer: Sindhurapuvvu Krishna Reddy
Banner: Saraswathy Movies
Music: Anup Rubens
Rating: 2.00/5.00

With Vinavayya Ramayya, yet another child artist Nag Anvesh introducing as Hero. Movie is remake of tamil blockbuster “ Manam Kothi Parvai”. Does the film and Nag Ashwin impressed audience lets see.

Plot: Chanti (Nag Anvesh) is carefree youth who spends time with three of his friends and never involves himself into any unnecessary issues. He and his friends have fun in the village and There lives Janaki (Krithika) darling daughter of Village head Chowdary( Prakash Raj), with whom Chanti grew together.

Chanti falls in love with Janaki, who is already engaged to a man of Chowdary’s choice. What steps Chanti takes to win Janaki? How could he convinces Chowdary? Forms the story.

Analysis: The major setback for many recent movies with Village back drop is no novelty in characterizations or the plot, It is always about a tug-of-war between village youth and it’s head, this movie too is no different. The film is old fashioned and we can draw many similarities from recent Telugu releases.

Tamil version of the film is worked out because of ‘no hero’ image carried by Shivakarthikeyan, one can’t extract such a typical performance from a fresher. Director Ram Prasad couldn’t engage the audience because of the lack of freshness in any of the scenes, even the direction lacks punch.

First half goes off with the introduction of characters and forced comedy with friend gang of the hero and second half sees artificial with sentiments with proper emotions. Chemistry between the lead pair is poorly evolved, Nothing so interesting about the songs too.

Artist Performance:
Nag Anvesh looked confident in dances and fights, but when it comes to acting he doesn’t suited to the character.
Krithika is good as Village girl, does have that appeal to go further.
Srinivas and other comedians did well but seems routine.
Prakash Raj is superb as the Village head, remaining characters comes and go, they did well.

Technical Departments:
Ram Prasad failed as director with no credible storyline and screenplay he have chosen bores the audience to the core. Editing is okay and Cinematography is too good. Music Anoop rubens is routine and BGM is okay.

Verdict: Look for other releases.