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Varun Sandesh Accepted Some Films Out of Hestitation

Varun_sandesh_confessionTollywood young hero Varun Sandesh is celebrating his birthday today i.e 21st July. He debuted with ‘Happy Days’ which is a huge success and became a launching pad for many new faces in to the industry including Varun Sandesh.

Varun success was continued with movies like ‘ Kotha Bangaru Lokam’ and ‘Emaindi Ee Vela’. But after that he has not registered even a single hit but still he is getting lot of offers in Tollywood. On his Birthday Varun Sandesh confessed that in his career he has accepted some films because of Money and some films out of hesitation. But Varun says he has given full justice to the movie irrespective of the reason of acceptance.

Last year 5 films released and this year Varun wants to come pre planned. He says for every movie promotions are very important and he is going to chalk out a plan for promoting his next movies. Currently he has completed ‘Nuvvila Nenila’ which is ready for release. After this he is doing ‘Lava Kusa’ where he is doing double role for the first time in his career.