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Vangaveeti Is My Last Film: RGV

RGV today announced that “Vangaveeti”, which is going to be made on Vijayawada rowdisim backdrop, would be his last film in Telugu circuit. What he has said as a reason is, Vangaveeti the film , which starts with Vangaveeti Radha killing Chalasani Venkata ratnam and ends with the killing of Vangaveeti Mohan Ranga, is the best possible story I can ever narrate.


Recently RGV announced “Government” in Bollywood and “Veerappan’s” international version. Other than this he also announced RGVtalkies, an online theater, which needs director’s time to make bold and dark films. So the announcement is clearly for Telugu films alone.

It is not new for RGV to give these sudden announcement which he generally doesn’t follow and audience have a clear idea how far he can go for his movie’s promotion. After facing a few hiccups while making Govinda Govinda RGV announced that he will never make films in Telugu, but he came back Tollywood, after being sidelined by Bollywood folks because of RGV ki Aag. So, with RGV nothing is concrete, This announcemnt can easily be yet another promotional gimmick by this maverick director.