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Two Movies With One Ticket

Raghava LawrenceIn recent days, Tollywood has become the launch pad for experiments. Lately Ram Gopal Varma experimented a new idea of auctioning the film that selling the movie to distributors in regular fashion. Now, Choreographer turned director Raghava Lawrence came up with a new idea.

After the release of the his movie Ganga, the third movie in Muni series, he is planning to make another movie. In his new project, next to Ganga, his innovative idea is audience can watch two movies with a one ticket. The first movie ends at the intervals. Second movie will be start post interval.

First movie is titled Musalodu and the second with The latest. Lakshmi Rai and Andrea Jeremiah are pairing up with Lawrence in these movies. One actress will be seen in one movie and another in another movie.