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TRS Spokesman joined Congress

SravanTRS Senior leader and Politburo member Dasoju Sravan joined in Congress party today morning in presence of Jairam Ramesh. Sravan is spokesperson and he used to give counter to any opppoision on any question they raise. He was in PRP part with Chiranjeevi earlier. After Chiranjeevi announced his support to Samikyandra, Sravan jumped into TRS.

TRS got another blew as important leader of the party joined Congress. Sravan said TRS became a family concern of KCR and those who fought for Telangana were being ignored.

Kadam Satyanarayana, Kttela Srinivas Yadav, Satyam Goud joined along with Sravan.

Before joining polictics and till joining TRS, Sravan is a good friend of Pawan Kalyan