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Tollywood Industry Memu Saitam For Uttarandhra

memusaitam-1We all know how Hudhud cyclone has devastated most of the Uttara Andhra region. Most of the film industry people have come forward and donated for the cause. Now the entire Telugu film industry is making efforts to put together a massive and marathon entertainment event on 30th November in Hyderabad.

The Telugu film industry, which is integral to the Telugu community for over eight decades now, has always strived and excelled in not only providing unmatchable entertainment, but also in reflecting the issues that concerned the society and nation from time to time.

This event is aimed to prompt the millions of Telugus in India and the large Telugu diaspora across the world, to participate and contribute to their best capabilities. It’s a call for collective action by the Telugu Film Industry.

For more details on this massive entertainment event and to donate towards HUDHUD victims of Uttarandhra, please visit www.memusaitam.com