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Tollywood Celeb’s Love towards Sports

rakul preetMany of our Tollywood celebs play or watch their favorite sports at their free time. So do you think it would be interesting to know what sports they like.

Srikanth, Tarun, Tarak ratna are very fond of cricket and they are constantly playing CCL, Bala Krishna and Adarsh balakrish (Happy Days fame) both played professional cricket for some time. Nagarjuna is an avid swimmer and he is growing younger day by day. Naga Chaitanya loves car races and Anushka loves skating and synchronized swimming.

Rakul Preet Kaur the new beauty in Tollywood is a professional golfer, She played golf at the National level. Sumanth and Arvind Krishna share a common interest that is basketball, Sumant played basketball in chicago while he is persuing studies there, Arvind too played the game in Los angeles both missing their teams.

Naveen chandra, Rahul ravindran (leads in andala rakshasi), Nikhil Siddarth, Mahat all love football and they judiciously follow England premiere league, even these guys fight for their teams on social networking sites.

We love their love for sports 🙂