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TFI : Emergency meeting on Prakash Raj

prakashrajDirector’s Association today sent messages to all its members to attend the emergency meeting on tomorrow at Producer’s Council Hall to ‘discuss the unhealthy atmosphere created by Sri Prakash Raj through his unethical and unparliamentary language’.

Recently, Prakash Raj walked out from Srinu Vaitla’s Aagadu after shooting for the film for couple of days. While Prakash raj’s version is he refused to act in the movie, the Aagadu team’s version is that they replaced him with Sonu Sood as Prakash Raj showed unprofessional behaviour.

It happened 15 days ago and everyone thought the issue has been put to rest. Now this small issue has become bigger as a co-director of Aagadu filed a complaint against Prakash Raj in Telugu Director’s Association for his ‘unprofessional and unruly behavior’. The said co-director in his complaint reportedly said that Prakash Raj used unparliamentary language against him when he greeted the actor on the sets.

Though Prakash Raj is loved by every one for his acting skills, he lands in controversies at regular intervals. In the past, Telugu film industry put a ban on him which was revoked when Prakash Raj went for agitation.

Stay tuned to be see what action would be taken on Prakash Raj?