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Temper Movie Live Theater Updates – Tweet Review

Temper_New_Look_14-Dec-2014Title: Temper ( 2014)
Cast: NTR, Kajal Aggarwal, Prakash Raj, Posani
Director: Puri Jagannadh
Producer: Bandla Ganesh
Music: Anoop Rubens (Songs), Mani Sharma (Background)
Cinematography: Shyam K. Naidu
Editor: S. R. Sekhar
Writer: Vakkantham Vamsi
Production House: Parameswara Art Productions
Release Date: 13-Feb-2014
Run Time: 147 Minutes
08:50 AM: Anti-smoking ads running. Get ready folks.

08:53 AM: NTR voice over request on road safety.

08:54 AM: Titles started and fans roaring to sky.

08:56 AM: NTR (Daya) introduction with dialogue “Jeevitham evvarini vadilipettadu – andari sarada teerchestundi”. In a beach, he was severely beaten.

08:58 AM: NTR narrating the movie from his childhood. Movie shifted to flashback.

09:02 AM: By seeing from corruption side, NTR feels Police job is the one to earn easy money. Puri used Sr NTR, Hari Krishna and Bala Krishna snippets here. Good response from the theatre. Boy acted as Kid did well. FInally NTR is a police officer.

09:05 AM: Prakash Raj, a smuggler, entered. He is supported by Jaya Prakash Reddy, a politician. Funny conversation.

09:10 AM: Interesting scenes running to elevate NTR’s corrupted characterization.

09:12 AM: NTR is looking super and in good shape. Puri portrayed wonderful attitude.

09:15 AM: Posani entrance as a constable at NTRs station.

09:17 AM: NTR meets Prakash Raj for first time. Time for the first song, Ittage rechipodham

09:22 AM: Nice moves by NTR. NTR looks fully determined. Prakash Raj dance too in the song, its worth mentioning.

09:24 AM: Posani is honest police. He is upset with NTR’s corrupted nature. Good scenes between NTR and Posani.

09:25 AM: Kajal (Shanvi) entered in beach background. She is a animal lover and maintains pet cross.

09:28 AM: Ali and Sapthagiri, chain snatching batch introduction. Comedy scene full of beeps. Their association with NTR is funny.

09:32 AM: Kovai Sarala is Kajal’s mother. NTR strikes a deal with Ali and Sapthagiri, to woo Kajal, on a task to steal dogs from Kajal. Okay type of scene.

09:35 AM: NTR receives a complaint from a women saying her daughter is missing. With the intensity shown in the scene, this may be an establishing scene for further plot of the movie.

09:39 AM: Movie again movied to Kajal. Vennala Kishore is her fiancée. NTR makes the match cancelled.

09:40 AM: Till now movie is good, but last two scenes are a bit not engaging. NTR presence is making the movie and he is shouldering the show.

09:45 AM: Time for the second song time, Malli malli cheppamata. Kajal’s feast in this song.

09:46 AM: The women who complained on girl missing is looking for NTR’s help. Money minded NTR is not showing interest as this case wont fetch him any money.

09:48 AM: Tanikella Bharani entered. Prakash Raj eyed on Bharani’s plot which costs crores. NTR used his corrupt mind to close the deal in favour of Prakash Raj.

09:49 AM: Looks like Puri is preparing the plot for original intensity of the movie with one scene after the other.

09:53 AM: Posani thought provoking to NTR on this corruption. Superb scene and dialogues. The whole conversation was shot extremely well. This one scene is enough for the first half.

09:54 AM: Puri special entry in short guest role. Its good.

10:00 AM: Prakash Raj by mistake kidnaps Kajal, in place of Madhurima. NTR rescued Kajal immediately by talking to Prakash Raj. Kajal asked NTR to rescue Madhurima. Good twist, NTR now rescuing Madhurima by going against Prakash Raj.

10:05 AM: Interval bang with a conflict Prakash Raj and NTR.

10:05 AM: Till now, movie is good. A complete NTR’s movie. His performance is never seen before.

10:15 AM: Sundeep Kishan’s Tiger and Allari Naresh’s Bandipotu Trailers.

10:20 AM: Second half started with NTR cursing himself for his ego. He tries to woo Prakash Raj and joins hands with him again.

10:30 AM: Time for the next song, Choolenge asma. NTR entered with chiselled body. He is uber cool. NTR’s body, youthful dance, cinematographyand Kajal’s spicy skin show are special attraction to the song.

10:38 AM: Madhurima got a video proof against Prakash Raj and he wants it in his hands. NTR promises to get the proofs.

10:43 AM: Realization plot for NTR. Madhurima is another daughter of women who given girl missing complaint. Madhurima tells how her sister was gang raped. She calls NTR as anna.

10:46 AM: Another good scene between Posani and NTR.

10:50 AM: Exceptional scene. A big kudos to Puri and Vamsi to come up with this scene. Just this scene is enough to confirm that Temper is a huge hit. PURI IS BACK.

10:53 AM: Pre-climax started. NTR started shattering Prakash Raj’s kingdom.

10:56 AM: Pavitraanaaya Sadhunaam, a situational song running. Elevating the movie.

11:00 AM: Tanikella Bharani is a key role and working out very well.

11:02 AM: Temper title song running on.

11:05 AM: Movie moved to court and it cornered NTR. This placed him in a tricky situation.

11:09 AM: Devuda song started.

11:16 AM: Group attack on Drunken Daya. Good composition of the fight. Daya got injured. Movie came to where it started.

11:18 AM: Again court scene started and an interesting twist.

11:23 AM: Hard hitting and exception dialogues. NTR who involved in the crime become eye witness of the crime.

11:30 AM: Another twist, death sentence to NTR along with others.

11:34 AM: Madhurima came for NTR’s rescue.

11:36 AM: A last flight.

11:40 AM: …Happy Ending…


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