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Telugu Heroes and Their Most Talked Disasters

Here is the list of films which created much hype before the film’s released but gone north in no time after it’s release. These films came with high expectations and as most discussed films in the hero’s career but left everyone shell shocked with poor show at the box office.
Telugu Heroes and Their Most Talked Disasters

Chiranjeevi was numero uno for almost all 23 years in Tollywood he have seen many ups and downs in his filmy life. After one such fall, he came back with newly found form, he has given back to back hits like Hitler, Master, Bavagaru Bagunnara, Annayya etc.,

He chanced upon a variety subject in the form of “Mrigaraju”. Chiranjeevi being in peakest of forms and Gunasekhar then a new director, making a new genre and It is actually a remake of English film “Ghost of the darkness”. Film created sky high expectations among telugu audience, But film couldn’t stand before the expectations. film’s graphics, costumes and Plot itself couldn’t get into the fans acceptance, film is declared a disaster with in no time.