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Telugu Comedy, Hit By An Evil Eye??

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Tollywood is known for its comedy flicks and for many talented comedians who are masters of their own style. But suddenly we lost four of them AVS, MS Narayana, Dharma Varapu Subrahmanyam, Telangana Sakuntala, it seems as if our glass full of comedy become half empty.

All these comedians made many of our routine movies enjoyable with their comic timing and spontaneous reactions, It is not a red carpet welcome for these comedians AVS, Dharma Varapu, MS Narayana or Telangana sakuntala in to industry those days, because of their hardwork and relentless passion they achieved their position in filmdom today and they truly deserves their success.

Can we enjoy Tollywood comedy the same way without these amazing stalwarts at work, are we seeing any comedian of that strata in future, only time will tell. But kudos to the AVS, MS Narayana, Dharma Varapu and Telangana sakuntala who gave us many reasons to laugh.