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Swetha Basu Gets A Clean Chit

Shweta_BasuShweta Basu was arrested few months back with her shocking involvement in a high profile prostitution scandal. After this, the court sent her to rescue home and she recently got out of it.

Shweta Basu applied in Hyderabad court and her lawyer argued that there was no evidence to support allegations against her. He also stated it was registered that Shweta, a mediator and an big man got caught. But, police was didn’t arrested the big shot. After the hearing in the court, Hyderabad Court has ruled in the actress’ favour in the prostitution racket case. With this, Shweta Basu got a clean chit in the case.

After this releifing outcome, Shweta Basu said, “I can’t begin to tell you what a relief it is for me and for my family. My parents are smiling for the first time in months. This was just the vindication I was waiting for. Although I had already put the incident behind me there was still a closure that I needed to put on the issue. All my earlier charges from the trial court have been withdrawn. I can’t describe the relief I feel. It’s like my name has been cleared after months of douby and suspicion”.