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Star Director and Wife Separated

He is a star director, known for his satirical portrayal of real life characters in his movies. He achieved star status with back to back hits which falls under similar template and hit rock bottom with couple of disasters. After this his career went haywire, he face similar situation in his personal life too, where his wife registered a case against him for unrevealed reason.

Later, media houses stated that the couple doing fine and they also had good holiday in foreign location. But the reality is far from that, the actual truth is this celebrity have separated on some clauses which both have to obey. This was the reason they flew to foreign country to have a peaceful discussion on terms.

As per some close associates, infidelity of the director is the reason for the separation. He seems to have private times with his heroines which was came to his spouse’s notice. After many discussions and many heated arguments, she has taken the hardest step to separate.