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Srinivas Avasarala Turns TV Host

Srinivas-Avasarala-turns-TV-hostSrinivas Avasarala who shot to fame with his debut film Ashta-Chamma, turned as director recently with the film Oohalu Gusagusalade. Now, he will be seen as a TV Host for a Quiz competition featuring high school students, He will be the quiz master in the show.

Srinivas Avasarala was reluctant initially to accept being a TV host but agreed after hearing the concept, he said “They have been asking me to do this show for quite some time now; however, I was quite reluctant initially. I had no plans of being part of a TV show, but then, I gave in since it seemed like a fun concept.”

He also shared his experience being a TV host with us, “It’s been quite strenuous so far, but I love the experience. We shot 18 episodes back-to-back in just three days and it’s being pitched as a daily show. I am curious to see what the response will be.”

Srinivas Avasala may have taken a cue from King Nagarjuna who is entering into his second season of MEK. Srinivas Avasarala turns TV host not only a curious factor for  himself but also it will be a pleasure factor for audience too.