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SingleX Marks The Launch Of RGV Talkies

Vexed with CBFC formalities and inconsistencies in the procedures made RGV to look for alternative ways to entertain his fans, He is going to launch an online theatre, which he named it RGV Talkies, as per cyber law there is no need for censorship online, except for some disclaimers which allows audience discretion. Here is what RGV has to told about the reasons to start online theater, “I don’t need to restrict content for censor purposes and feature length requirements.


He is going to launch the online theatre with his upcoming short film “SingleX”, where director is claiming it as an Erotic thriller. RGV wants to showcase films which falls into Erotic, Horror and Crime stories, on his new endeavor. He is not restricting RGV Talkies to only for his films he will allow other maker’s films also, which is great opportunity for other film makers.

RGV wrote on twitter, “RGVtalkies will not restrict to only films made by me but it will release films made by anyone suiting my taste. #RGVtalkies will release erotic,crime,horror etc genres..in short anything which dark,gritty and shocking.”

Genres he dont allow are the films which are based on God or sports, because of his dislike towards the genres and made sure that he will not allow Romantic Comedy or Sex Comedy genres too, as he takes love and sex both seriously.
So, heres a great opportunity for the makers who loves to make dark concepts.