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Siddarth’s House Flooded In Chennai Rains

Chennai rains seems to be unstoppable, it is pouring since 10 days and Chennai media reported that the rainfall is the highest recorded in 100 years. The images coming in Social media are scary, there are many roads seems to have effected due to rain. Lives and livelihood came to a halt because of heavy rains, Railways and Airways delayed due incessant rains.

Even the celebrity are effecting due to the Power cuts and rain water entering homes. Siddarth who is never shys to express himself about the social causes, blamed National media for not responding to calamity in a deserved way. He too have effected due to rains.

He has to shift his editing works to a new place because three of editing studios have been flooded and He also given accomadation to his crew members at his home and office too, But invetible has happened, His home too has flooded with rain water.

Here are the latest tweets him.