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Shoaib Malik Hints At Sania Mirza Becoming Mom

Sania_Mirza_Shoaib_MalikEver since Sania Mirza clinched the World No 1 rank in doubles, her husband Shoaib Malik is very excited and is full of praise for his wife. Sania Mirza replied to Malik’s tweet by saying, ” thank youu… from one fan to the other… see you soon”.

Excited with her reply, Shoaib Malik initiated a Q&A from his fans using #AskMalik hashtag. Immediately he was bombarded with different questions and one of them is ‘When is Jr Malik coming?’. To this Malik replied, ” Inshallah Soon.”

Most of the questions are related to the first child saying that it will happen very soon. Malik responded to most of the questions very patiently. Many are expecting there is a hint in the answers, lets wait for some good news.