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Shankar’s ‘I” May Hit The Safe Zone

i21420114671Shankar’s ‘I’ which opened to negative talk worldwide making merry at the box-office, film which was marked as the weakest film of Shankar, stood second in collections after Robo, which is director’s previous project. Vikram’s dedication to the roles he portrayed and his performance even with heavily loaded prosthetic make-up surely have done the magic for the film.

Film collected 185 crores gross from its worldwide theatricals as of now, and trade analysts predicting that film cannot achieve 200 mark as the film collections dropped heavily from the third week. And, there is no chance that the collections will rise.

Shankar’s I collected approximately 147 crores gross in India, In AP/TG film collected nearly 38 crores gross where film garnered approximately 62 crores in Tamilnadu. Film surprisingly raked in huge collections from Karnataka and Kerala states and in overseas it collected more than 40 crores, In malaysia film stood as number one grosser for continuous two weeks, putting Hollywood films behind.

In terms of collections film is a huge hit but, because of the prices involved trade pundits assumed that distributors will see huge losses, but surprisingly film survived enough at the Box office and distributors are in sigh of relief, that Shankar’s ‘I” may hit the safe zone. Film’s overall share so far is 95 Crores.