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ShankaraBharanam Has Passed The Censors

The upcoming film starring Nikhil and Nanditha, Shankarabharanam has passed the censors today and was awarded a clear U/A certificate with 146 minutes runtime. Film is now all set for a grand release on 4th december.

To give a space for Akhil’s debut movie, Shankarabharanam crew postponed its release from this month to December. Now, everythings clear for the film for a release.

Nikhil who is in good form, joined Kona Venkat who wrote story, screenplay and dialogues for the film which was directed by debutante Uday Nandavanam and produced by MVV Satyanarayana.

Film is inspired from a Hindi hit, Phas Gaye re Obama. Film features Anjali in an interesting cameo. Film’s platinum disc function is planned to be held on 15th November in Vizag.