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All Set For Election Results 2014

Elections_2014_ResultsIn less than 24 hours we will know who will be ruling the nation for the next five years. All the preparations are done by Election commission for Election Results 2014

Counting of votes will start tomorrow, 16th May 2014, at 8:00 AM sharp and the 2014 election results will be out by 4:00 PM.

Actual preparation for the counting starts at 5:00 AM. EVMs would be taken to the counting centres in the morning of 16th May, before the counting starts. At 8:00 AM counting of postal ballots will start and votes from EVMs counting will start after half-an-hour, at 8:30 AM.

Even if the postal ballots takes longer time to count, the counting of EVM votes will start exactly at 8.30 AM. The trends towards the single largest party to win the poll would emerge by 11:00 AM.

Counting of the votes will be held across 989 centres. As per Election Commission, 50 forgein delegates from 20 various countries are being facilitated to witness.

All the exit poll surveys are inclined towards BJP led NDA. As per the exit polls, NDA will form the government. Lets wait and see. Stay tuned…

Lok Sabha Exit Poll Results
ABP News 281 97 165
AXIS 287 107 149
CNN – IBN 270-282 92-102 150-159
India Today 261-283 101-120 152-162
India TV 289 101 153
NDTV 279 103 161
News 24 340 70 133
Times Now 249 148 146