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Sequel To Aditya 369 Is Ready

Aditya_369One of the finest movies in the distinguished career of Balakrishna is Aditya 369, which is directed by Singeetham Srinivasa rao garu. This is the first ever time-travel movie in Telugu cinema.

It shows the Past, where in the times of krishna Devaraya diamonds are sold on roads and also the scary future, where people buys KG tamatoes for 1500.

Movie is still fresh, and it entertains the audience even today. Every now and then news comes-up that the team is making a sequel to it, but somehow it didnt happen.

According to some sources, there is reliable news that, the sequel is all set for going on to sets. It is said that Singeetham Srinivasa rao have finished the script work of the sequel aditya 999 which is in news couple of years ago, and Balayya too have find the bound script interesting.

Balakrishna is currently busy with ‘Dictator’and then he have to work for his 100th movie. Aditya 999, will come as 101th of Balakrishna.