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Sasikiran Narayana On The Loss Of Her Father

Sasikiran narayanaIt’s not just my father that I lost today, but my guru too. He was my inspiration. All my childhood, I have watched him write and direct plays, and that’s how I got inspired.Even though everyone knows MS, the great actor,not many knew MS,the writer-director. I’ve known my dad both as a great writer and director. He has penned and directed some brilliant plays. In fact, the producer of my debut film actually approached my dad first. But he asked me whether I have the confidence to take this risk… He was very proud when I made my debut as a director.

I was his student too — I joined his college, even though my friends joined other colleges. Later, though he joined showbiz after retiring as an educator, he always had time for us. He never missed my birthday;he used to come home to be with me no matter where he was shooting. He also used to bring me new clothes on my birthday. When he realised my love for photography, he gifted me the best camera there was. My last gift to him was a watch,which I bought him last Father’s Day. When he was responding to the treatment,we all thought that he would come back. I can’t believe that he won’t be coming back home again.

Courtesy: TOI