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Bujjigadu Girl Joins Avunu2


Sanjjana Joins Avunu2

Ravi babu after the debacle of Laddu babu, carefully taking steps in the making of Avunu2, he is making sure he gets the most suitable artists in place to make sure he doesn’t fail this time around. He roped in Avunu’s Poorna and Harvashavardhan already and now joins the crew is Bujjigadu fame Sanjjana. Though she is roped in for a special appearance, but as per the film’s script her role is the most crucial part of the film.

Speaking on the occasion Sanjjana said, “Actually when I was quite young, I had worked with Ravi Babu in his earlier film Soggadu. And now I again got to work with him,” says the actress. “He couldn’t recognise me when we met recently. When I told him he was surprised and then said that he is looking for an actress to play an important character in his film’s sequel and offered me the role.”

Avunu2 is the sequel of  Avunu which also stars Harshavardhan and Poorna. Avunu is one of the major hits in the year 2012, hope the history repeats.