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Samantha Furious Comments on TOI Article

samantha-at-alludu-seenu-audio-launch7.jpgTimes of India local edition, Hyderabad times has published an article on Samantha’s stylist. In the article they criticized Samantha and her stylists that they have been copying the outfits of Bollywood heroines. They had published the article along with the pictures with comparison.

Samantha didn’t kept quite on this, she wrote a strong firing back letter as a reply to the Hyderabad times and posted on her Twitter account.

Here is the tweet from her. “Dear TOI wanted to clarify a few things and basically educate the so called fashionistas we have at the TOI offices. When a designer comes up with a collection they make similar pieces in a selected color palate for the season. Nationally recognized labels if not internationally … Have ALWAYS KEY PIECES.. A dhoti of Anamika Khanna, a cut work blouse of Arpita are not just made in a single piece for one single celeb… These are available in stores and online. styling is being able to wear a similar outfit or may be the same and putting your spin on it. If I have chosen to educate myself about all these wonderful designers and decided to put in effort to style better and have fun. I don’t see it as an entertainment quotient that Times has decided to review – National level fashion blogs and sites such as High heel, pink villa, miss malini.. Whose sole purpose is to scout for fashion genius moments and fashion disasters… Has reviewed my looks multiple number of times and have praised. I don’t remember Times suddenly becoming our new fashion review standard and accusing someone of copying. fashion is fun .. I hope a reputed institution like TOI has better standards for its front pages. Ps thanks for the publicity.