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Sakshi Chaudhary Exclusive Interview

Tell us your working experience in James Bond, Any funny moments to share?

Funny moments happened during the shoot of “Sannajaji Song” where the expressions are difficult and Naresh had to show me how to do it and I just simply followed Naresh. We were all laughing.

At one point I got so much into the skin of the character and I was walking like a body builder.

Tell us something about your co-star AllariNaresh in James Bond?

NareshIs fantastic and helped me in lot of sequences. Basicallyhe is a shy person and I am also a very calm person who doesn’t talk much. First few schedules, we doesn’t used to talk much but slowly we build a rapport and he made me very comfortable.Naresh is a very senior hero and he supported me very well.

“BharthaBali” was considered for the movie name instead of James Bond. Is it right?
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BharthaBali is one of the name being considered for the movie. Another name which is related to a senior actor is also considered but finally selected James Bond. James Bond is easy for people to remember, easy to connect.

AllariNaresh is known for his comedy timing. Was it difficult for you to match with him.

The comedy part is handled completely by Naresh. My role doesn’t have much scope for comedy

Have you watched the movie in theatres here, and how is the response from audience?

I did watched the film in Sandhya Theatre on the release day though I missed my Introduction scene. The best part is few of the audience started called me James Bond.