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RGV Open Challenge To Critics

ram gopal varmaRam Gopal Varma has made sensational comments on the critics who had given negative reviews on his latest movie “Ice Cream” which released on July 12th. A critic from a Telugu website has written that the movie is absolutely senseless.

Reacting to this RGV has issued a statement saying, “After seeing the review written by one reviewer and similar reviewers I didn’t laugh but cried because of the sympathy I have on them. That reviewer doesn’t even know about the head and tail of a camera and if that reviewer doesn’t hold that job in that website he would had been unfit as a Tea-boy also in a production unit.”

RGV said,”Movie success depends upon the revenue and the profit it generates to the producers and distributors. Not every film will be liked by every one, some hit movies are also disliked by some and some flop movies are liked by some. Producers of this film have entered into safe zone just by first day collections. If that reviewer is dare enough to explain me how to or how not to shoot a film, he should come for an open debate Live in a TV channel. If he is not ready then he will be equal to a dog which barks in the night.”

RGV Open challenge to critics and calling them Dog’s stunned them.