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RGV Back with Silly Tweets

RGV (1)RGV the eccentric personality and a trend setting director a decade ago, he is now famous for his out of mind tweets. At the start his tweets used to create some interest in his followers but as time goes by his tweets seems to look like silly statements.

Today he comes up one such statement in his social networking account “I don’t ever vote because I think it’s a very irresponsible thing to enforce your uninformed and ignorant beliefs on an election. I have no knowledge of parties or candidates so it’s being responsible to leave the outcome of elections in the hands of  voters who know.”

Being a formidable personality in the state and having many young people look up to him as an inspiration, Isn’t it his duty to know the candidates in his constituency. He had the world of time to read the world philosophy but he couldn’t afford some time to know the nominated candidates from his constituency.