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Reliance To Take Over APSRTC?

Bus-RTCFrom long time, before bifurcation, APSRTC is running in huge losses and this trend is continuing in both states after the state bifurcation. After the bifurcation, APSRTC had reportedly accumulated losses of Rs 24,000 crore which has now reached Rs 24,600 crore. It is reported that APSRTC is running under losses close to 100 crores per month.

Experts from the state transport proposed two options to the state government, one is the government to take over RTC and the other is run the organization by private sector. It is noted that Reliance proposed to take over RTC a year ago, during the Congress rule. While making the proposal, Reliance assured the government that it will improve the transportation facilities and the organization. It is learned that the state government is assessing the proposal from Reliance.

As per the available information, Reliance proposed to continue all drivers, conductors and technicians and promised to pay a monthly salary of 25,000 to drivers and conductors which is 12,000 now. Though the proposal has mentioning on the drivers and conductors, Reliance may not be interested to have the current middle and administrative staff from RTC.

Is is heard that the government is considering the proposal to come out of the budget deficit, but it is brain storming on the future of the middle and administrative staff as the state government is not willing to do injustice to them. We need to wait for some more time for the complete information on this.