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Ravi Babu Talks About Affair With Poorna

Poorna-Ravi-BabuRecently there were some rumours that director Ravi Babu is having an affair with his Avunu movie heroine Poorna. But Ravi Babu reacted on this and dismissed these claims as just rumours.

Ravi Babu said, ” I have done three films with Bhumika and this is my third film with Poorna. I have taken them on board based on the quality of their performances. I evaluate actors by talent but not by just glamour. As a rule I never call up any actress after the day’s shoot  and nor do I take any calls from actors”

“It’s very important for me to maintain professional ethichs and relationships with all actors. I am not interested in actresses and I do understand that messing up relationships with them will effect my filmmaking”, added Ravi Babu.