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Ram’s Shivam Movie Review

Ram_Rashi_Khanna_ShivamTitle: Shivam (2015)
Cast: Ram, Rashi Khanna, Abhimanyu Singh, Vineet Kumar
Director: Srinivasa Reddy
Producer: Ravi Kishore
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Production House: Sri Sravanthi movies
Release Date: 02-Oct-2105
Run Time: 168 Minutes
Rating: 2.75/5Ram and Raashi Khanna paired up for Shivam directed by a debutante director Srinivasa Reddy. Lets see how the movie is..Plot:
Shiva (Ram) is a guy who goes to any extent in helping the couple in love who are facing trouble from families in getting married. In an instance he get into a rift with Patel’s (Vineet Kumar) son and he is in search of Shiva. Shiva fells in love with Tanu (Raashi) at first sight. In parallel, Abhimanyu Singh feels Tanu is his luck and wants to marry her. How Shiva handles both the problems makes the movie.

Shivam is not a movie with novel story line. A pure commercial movie with routine stuff and engaging comedy here and there.

Bits and pieces of comedy and Ram’s energetic performance are saviers of the movie. Comedy is maintained well and it is good director included comedy in the story line rtaher than maintaining a separate track. But this experience was spoiled with passable second half. Action episodes, Ram’s dance moments and cinematography deserves a pat. Background by Devi Sri Prasad is fine. First half ends with a good note but at many instances in second half you feel like dragged pointlessly. Couple of twists made the movie run interesting. Climax is not at all appealing and a bit test to sit.

Cast Performance:
Ram & Raashi: He is heart and soul of the movie. He carried it whole on his shoulders. He is energetic through out the movie. He is one of the best dancers in Tollywood heros and he proved it again. Raashi did her part well as needed. She is not as cute as she appeared in her previous movies.

Vineet Kumar & Abhimanyu: They both nailed it. Both are good villains and lived up to the expectation. Directed elevated them through out the movie but they are not powerful at the end and made the whole story meaningless.

Comedians Srinivas reddy, Jabardasth team, Saptagiri, Fish Venkatesh, Brahmanandham, Jayaprakash Reddy, Posani did their part well. Brahmanandham typically repeated his routine show. Fish Venkatesh comedy is good. Good to see Naresh & singer Mano.

Technical Department:
Director Srinivas Reddy did his part well. Screenplay is a bit week. Choreographer and Cinematographer played their role up to the mark. Editor could have made movie short in second half, length is a backdrop. Good production values.

Verdict: Engages you for 3 hours on this 3 day weekend.