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Ram’s Nenu Sailaja Movie Review

Title: Nenu.. Sailaja(2016)
Cast: Ram, Keethi Suresh, Sathya raj
Director: Kishore Tirumala
Producer: Sravanthi Kishore
Banner: Sravanthi Arts
Rating: 3.0/5.0

First of all A very Happy New Year to Telugu movie lovers all over the world.
The new year begins with Ram’s Nenu.. Sailaja movie, which has a promising buzz. Film has gained curiosity, as Ram coming up with feel good movie and because the film has a cute heroine Keerthi Suresh. Directed by Kishore Tirumala let’s see how the movie is.

Plot: Hari(Ram) has a child-hood crush Sailaja(Keerthi Suresh), who has a strained relationship with her father(Satya Raj). Hari moves to Visakhapatnam because of his father’s job shift, Hari blames himself for not expressing love to Sailaja, and decides not to repeat the mistake. He proposes every girl with whome he has a crush there after, but gets rejected everytime.

As the destiny, has it he again meets Sailaja, and she becomes friends with Hari in no time, because of his easy going and caring attitude. After growing in confidence, Hari proposes Sailaja but this time too he gets the rejection.

Why Sailaja rejects Hari? How Hari gains his love back? Forms the story.

Analysis: Nenu.. Sailaja is semi cooked feel good film, which has a well made first half. The main high light of the first half a never before seen Ram, his comic timings and subtle expressions gives audience ample entertainment and the plot too unleashes in simple yet effective way.

But in the second half director chosen a safe bet rather than, sustaining that fresh feeling which was generated in the first half. Second half gives you a feeling of watching a decade old film where hero unites the families-a small twist-happy ending kind of format. Especially with DSP’s BGM it gives you that Dejavu feeling.

Film has the right actors in the right roles but they haven’t given equal space or scope to take the emotions into the audience. However, film will entertain the audience with its visuals, and youthful treatment nevertheless.

Artist Performance:

Ram has delivered a settled performance, shedding off his high energies. He put-forth his impeccable comedy timing which is a pleasant surprise. He should have taken proper care in costumes.

Keerthi Suresh, is not as cute as she looks off-screen. Her performance in one of the climax scenes is too good.

Prince surprised with his entry, he made good job at it. Srimukhi is Okay.

Rohini, Pragathi are regular. Sathyaraj should have given more screen space. Krishna Chaitanya too is regular. Pradeep Raawat is a surprise package.

Technical Departments:

Director has done brilliant job in molding the first half, but have taken a safe path during the second. Visuals are good. DSP has delivered routine BGM, but gave good songs.
Costumes are okay. Editing could have been better especially in the second half.


A feel good film gone awry with routine second half.