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Ram Gopal Varma To Face Legal Proceedings

ram gopal varmaRam Gopal Varma who is well known for his tricks to stay in public talk and news has chosen a different approach lately. On the eve of Vinayaka Chaviti, he used twitter and his senseless comments on Hindus Gods and Goddesses to stay in news. Ram Gopal Varma goes to any extent to stay in the news.

RGV commented that there is no more point in praying to the Saraswathi and Lakshmi for they had been repeatedly failing in making India richer and wiser. He also compared Lord Shiva to the Al-Qaeda and metaphorically stated that Lord Shiva had also beheaded his son Vinayaka. He also commented how Vinayaka will remove hurdles of his devotees when he himself cannt save while head is being removed.

With respect to these comments RGV has to face in a legal encounters as the local court in Hyderabad ordered the police to initiate criminal proceedings against the director following a petition filed by an advocate, Sanjay. The petitioner alleged that RGV had hurt the religious sentiments of a community with his inappropriate remarks. As long as he continues to be a part of society, he has a responsibility towards it whether he likes it or not and just cannot continue to make irresponsible statements just because he has freedom of expression.