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Raghuvaran Btech Telugu Movie Review

Raghuvaran-B.Tech-First-Look-Posters-1Cast: Dhanush, Amala Paul
Director: Velraj
Music Director: Anirudh Ravichander
Producer: Dhanush
Cinematography: Arun Babu
Editing: M.V.Rajesh Kumar
Release Date: 1st January 2015
Run Time: 133 Minutes
Rating: 2.75/5.00 (overdose of Tamil flavour)

Tollywood 2015 started off with release of Tamil dubbing movie Raghuvaran Btech. Film is the telugu version of Dhanush’s super hit film VIP. Amala paul is the heroine and Samuthirakani, Saranya played important roles in the film. Let’s see will the film appeals to Telugu audience.

Raghuvaran Btech Telugu Movie Review

Plot: Raghuvaran(Dhanush) is an unemployed guy who is on a high will only to pursue a career which he dreamt of, and he doesn’t want to compromise with any corporate jobs against his satisfaction. He gets constant backlash from the family and other people for not doing a job. He falls head over heels for his neighbouring girl Shalini(Amala Paul). Turn of events leads to the death of Raghuvaran’s mother(Saranya).

Why Saranya dies? How Raghuvaran achieves his dream job? Does he won Shalini’s heart? Forms rest of the story

Raghuvaran Btech is a tale of an unemployed guy portrayed by Dhanush, he is the heart and soul of the movie, although characterization has high dosage of tamil flavor he certainly entertains you. First half goes on in a lighter way, The first half is laced with highly entertaining situation comedy.

Scenes written on Sibling comparisons and Scenes between Dhanush and his Father and Mother are very well made, there are many scenes in the movie which will wet your eyes, but makers haven’t taken proper care to make it appealing to telugu audience, this can be the major setback for masala entertainer.

Second half shifts to altogether a different canvas and deals with fight between a struggler and established business tycoons, seems cliched but director should be appreciated for making it engaging for the audience.

BGM by Anirudh is extraordinary especially in the first half, couple of songs are really good. Dhanush and Amala paul’s chemistry worked out well, good thing in the film Amala paul wears Salwar kameez throughout the film not even in the songs she wears modern outfits.

Artist Performances:

Dhanush made Raghuvaran character his own, he entertains you. His performance in emotional scenes is unbelievable and he did second half with elan, it’s a cake walk for him.

Amala paul is perfectly casted as the girl next door, She is very good as shalini. Saranya and Samuthuirakani characters are well written and they delivered their best. Vivek is limited.

Technical Departments:

Velraj has made a decent debut as director and he has done brilliant job capturing Dhanush’s idiosyncratic gestures in the film. Screenplay in the second half not upto the level set in the first half, Editing is good, Costumes suits to the film’s premise. Music by Anirudh is one big asset for the film

A Good watch for the audience who appreciates Tamil films.