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Producer Suresh Babu Sensational Comments

d suresh babu

Producer Suresh Babu has made senstational comments on the current Telugu film industry trend, theatre issues. After the bifurcation happened several opinions are made that the Telugu film industry will shift its base to AP.

When the same question was aksed he expressed that,”Industry will move to a location where it gets subsidies and exemptions. That location can be Vishakapatnam or Vijayawada, only time will tell. Also a chamber is also not required to shift the industry as there was no chamber when the Industry shifted from Chennai to Hyderabad. Chamber is just a bridge between Government and Industry.”

He has also given clarification on the controversy that only Four families are holding the entire industry. “We are not making money in illegal ways, we have built studios and distribution agencies with the money we made by producing films. Non availability of theatres issue is there in the entire India, big companies are taking theatres for lease from the owners.” he added.