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Priyamani’s Hot Romance, Making Rounds

Priyamani-Hot-romance-making-roundsRomantic scenes are very important for a movie and chemistry between lead pair should look good on screen to make it even better experience for the audience. Priyamani may have taken the “Chemistry” part too seriously. Her romance with one of the karnataka top heroes Darshan, is making rounds as she seems to be made real romance with the hero, which at one time even crossed border says sources.Priyamani and Darshan are pairing up for the film “Ambareesha”.
Priyamani’s sensuous poses become a major contributor for the film’s promotions, which is going to be released this November. The steamy pics of the pair which were released by film’s production are making a buzz, fans are waiting to see oozing chemistry between the pair on big screen, Will it live upto the expectations, is something to watch out for.
Priyamani haven’t getting Tollywood offers these days, she haven’t made any appearance after ‘Ragada’ on telugu screens. If Ambareesha become successful and Priyamani efforts clicks, Telugu audience too may get sensuous treat of Priyamani, soon.