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Prabhas Issue’s Statement On Rumours

PrabhasSeveral rumours are surrounding Prabhas for the past few months, one of the rumour is regarding his health that he was in coma or seriously injured. Second one is about his alleged relationship with the sister of a famous politician.

Reacting to this Prabhas has issued a statement saying, “I am deeply hurted with these rumours and they are completely baseless and they don’t have truth in it. Earlier I had not responded to my rumours surrounding my health as I felt the best way to deal is to ignore it. However I can’t ignore rumours, which affect another individual. I would like to categorically state that I have never met or spoken to Sharmila.”

“I have now decided to issue this statement to strongly condemn them. They are insensitive, disrespectful and are damaging the dignity and reputation of a well-respected individual who is married and is a mother as well. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to put an end to them once for all. I hope the police and the concerned authorities will take necessary action against individuals responsible for perpetuating and spreading these kinds of rumours that can cause damage to the reputation of the individuals.”