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Pooja Movie Review

PoojaTitle: Pooja (2014)
Cast: Vishal, Shruti Haasan, Sathyaraj
Director: Hari
Producer: Vishal
Writer: Hari Shashank Vennelakanti
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Priyan
Editor: V. T. Vijayan, T. S. Jai
Production House: Vishal Film Factory
Release date: 22-Oct-2014
Rating: 2.75/5
In continuation of the current trend of dubbing movie Tamil movie Poojai dubbed into Telugu as Pooja starring Vishal and Sruthi Hasan. Lets see how the movie is…
Vasu (Vishal) is a financier who runs his business in a lawful way and who sticks to his morals. He is in love with Divya (Sruthi Haasan). One day he come across a situation where he saves an honest cop (Satyaraj) from goons who sent by Singanna (Mukesh Tiwari). On the other side, in the past there is rift between Vasu and Singanna. What is the fight between Vasu and Singanna, how Vasu safe gaurds his family, how things shape up makes the movie
Pooja is a routine story but director presented in a good way. The script is very much predictable from the beginning. The action sequences came out very well and this is positive aspect of the movie. Movie starts gripping at the interval sequences and audience except excellent face to face episode between Vishal and Mukesh. The emotion is missing in the episode between Vishal and his family and not up to the mark. First half is completely entertaining. Opposite to as expected, there is not much in the second half, much part of the movie post interval is dragging. Andrea’s special song is an asset to the movie
Vishal: This kind cake walk kind of role for Vishal. He is the major plus point and back bone of this movie. He is very good in action sequences and did complete justice to his character.
Shruti Haasan: She looks glamorous beside Vishal and she got a noticeable role. Audience admire her smile. Sruthi gave her best in the mannerisms. Next to Vishal she is the positive in the movie.
Sathyaraj: He got the equivalent role to hero. He is good as a cop and no one can point his acting skills.Mukesh Tiwary, Radhika and others did justice to their role.Technical Performance:
Hari is known for his commercial entertainers. Pooja is a routine story and director made it rich. He tried his best to make Pooja engaging. Pooja has good screen play and production values but failed to carry out emotions.

Dialogues writer needs a special pat for providing dialogues with depth. The background music came out very well but missed it during songs. Cinematographer is the pillar of Pooja.

Verdict: A routine movie and a good watch for action lovers.