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Pawan Kalyan Gives 3 Lakhs For Bhimavaram

On Power star Pawan Kalyan’s birthday the flexies and banners of Pawan Kalyan are destroyed by some of the enthusiastic fans of Prabhas. This incident has led to Pawan fans destroying and damaging the banners of Prabhas which turned violent between the fans.


This has led to the arrest of 10 Pawan Kalyan fans and 144 section has been implemented in the town. Both Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas have asked their fans not to do such activities. Now Pawan Kalyan has paid 3 lakhs on behalf of his fans for the repairing of the damaged public an private property.

Not stopping to that, Pawan Kalyan has helped his fans who were arrested in getting released. This is a great gesture from Power Star. Hope the clashes will not get repeated anywhere else.