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Pawan Kalyan facing the Political heat

HY24-NAIDU_AND_PAV_1858659fPawan Kalyan a Phenomenon in Telugu cinema, Now occupying the center stage in Andhra/Telangana Political Elections. Maybe because of “Pawanism” or Following he had in youth, major political parties given him warm welcome. He launched Janasena and extended his support to BJP, further so he has to support BJP-TDP alliance.

All the pressure started now, he in a recent interview given a direct statement that he will campaign for JP in Malkajgiri, as he had high respects for the man, but nothing else. But, His yesterday’s meeting with babu changed everything, he has has took his word back and decided not to campaign for JP.

Even JP responded to the turnaround of things in positive way he stated that “My heartful thanks to Pawan kalyan for all the invaluable support publicly and unequivocally and going so far as to sacrifice his own personal ambition to contest Malkajgiri. Pawan Kalyan has done for me what even my brother might hesitate to do. His large heartedness and generosity are praiseworthy. My heart goes out to this young man for the immense pressure on him to break his commitment.”

Since his inception of Jana sena it was a smooth ride for him until this meeting, he has to give up the idea of supporting JP because of political pressure and for the personality he possess, ethics too may have played a major role, it is unethical to campaign for other party’s candidate when supporting another.