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Paathshala Telugu Movie Review

Paathshala-Movie-reviewTitle: Paatashala(2014)
Cast: Nandu, Shashank, Sai Ronak, Hamood, Anupriya, Sirisha
Story & Director: Mahi V Raghav
Producer: Rakesh Mahankali and Pavan Kumar Reddy
Music: Rahul raj
Cinematography: Sudheer surendran
Editor: Shravan
Production House: Moonwater Pictures
Release Date: 10-Oct-2014
Rating: 2.50/5.00
Paathshala Telugu Movie Review

Here comes the third release of the week, which falls into road genre. Nandu being the only known face and remaining cast and crew all new to the film circuit, niche set of audience are expecting refreshing film, Let’s see what we are offered through “Paathshala”.

Plot: Nandu(Raju), Surya(Hamood), Adi(Sai Ronak), Sandhya(Anupriya), Salma(Sirisha)  are the best friends and films starts at their college convocation. They feel dejected to say good bye to each other. On the advice of his college professor(Surya) they starts a journey, they want to visit each other’s homes only to discover each other even better and deeper.

Each having their own struggles and hurdles to pursue their dreams, which way they have chosen and how Life a “paatashala”, taught them lessons forms the story.
Analysis: Director may be wanted to start the film where Happy days ends, as the characters and premise partially resembles the film. Film starts on good thought of friends visiting each other’s home with soothing music and visuals. But once film enters the real plot, it doesn’t gives you anything new.

Film talks about conflict points in each of the stories, but doesn’t make audience feel those conflicts, each story told in a flatter tone. And film goes more of in a predictable format.

Shashank’s character Promising entry makes you expect something but, he arrives saying that he want to attend his school reunion and reveals his dying situation, follows by hurried scenes of his wishlist before he dies.

We can see Director inspired from many films, he wants us to feel for the characters only by BGM and Visuals but not through his well written scenes. But, a special mention should be given for the locations selected , whole film shot within the state and each area (Araku, Kadapa, Warangal, EG and Nellore) was captured well.


Nandu is the only saving grace, he emoted well and has a good screen presence. He is only one, who made his character believable. His last dialogue certainly the only high point in the film.

Shashank we all know what a lovely artist he is, but director has no clarity that what he want to convey to the audience through the character. He looks good and performed well in a brief role.

Hamood with his single expression and boring voice over didn’t justify the role. Sai Ronak is good looking, but had nothing to offer. Anupriya is good in that role, Sirisha is natural.

Sree Mukhi’s cameo is good. Krishna Bhagwan, Surya, LB Srinivas played a brief roles. It was nice watching Vijaya Kumar after a long time.

Technical Deparments:

Mahi V Raghav has good taste for visuals and music but he could not handle the script in the right way, one can see a lot of sekhar kammula’s influence on him. Movie is Visually top notch, Sudheer surendran did a great job. Music too suits the film’s genre. Editing seems a bit dragging and screenplay is weak. Costumes looks trendy and locations they selected are great.

Verdict: If you have whole lot of time and want to encourage these young entrants, give it a shot.