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Nuvvala Nenila Movie Review

Nuvvala-NenilaTitle: Nuvvala Nenila (2014)
Cast: Varun Sandesh, Poorna
Director: Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Producer: Induri Rajasekhar Reddy
Music: Sai Karthik
Cinematography: V S Gnanasekhar
Release Date: 08-Aug-2014.

Varun Sandesh’s Nuvvala Nenila has released today. This movie was launched in 2013 and the release was delayed with great deal. Varun Sandesh paired opposite to Poorna in this romantic entertainer. Lets see how the movie is…

Krishna (Varun Sandesh) is a young NRI entrepreneur who comes to India in order to take over a company which was earlier sold by his father due to losses, which is his father’s last wish. Krish will come across Mahalakshmi (Poorna) on a petty road accident and Mahi happens to working in his company. Krish hand picks Mahi as a Manager. Mahi has a boy friend and Krish knows that Mahi’s boy friend not good for her as he will dump her. In this process, Mahi decides to flirt with Krish and to prove she can attract any guy. On the other side, without realizing Krish will fall for her. What happens to his father’s wish? How Mahi manages to impress Krish? What the couple do in this course make the movie.

Nuvvala Nenila has a decent but routine story base. Second half of the movie moves seriously into story than the first half. Being a romantic entertainer, freshness missed in the first half. The relation between Mahi and her boy friend well, but journey to love between Mahi and Krishna is not convincing. Conflicts between Krish and Mahi shaped well.

Varun Sandeh played his role quite well and impressive.
Poorna has a major role and the total movie belongs her. This movie has lot to perform for Poorna from emotional to comedy. She bagged a role which is equally prominent to Hero and any female lead actress anticipate.
Rest of the characters – Vennela Kishore, Dhanraj, Raghu didn’t have any great importance.

Technical Department:
First to mention is Cinematography, which is pretty good and appreciable.
Music and background gave life to the movie.
Direction is fine but first half of the movie don’t impress.