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NTR’s Nannaku Prematho Movie Review


Title: Nannaku Prematho
Cast: NTR, Jagapathi Babu, Rajendra Prasad, Rakul Preet
Direction: Sukumar
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Banner: SVCC
Rating: 2.75/5.00

NTR and Sukumar for the first time joined hands, one has a mass following and one is known for his class touch, obviously combination itself created huge buzz and For this Sankranthi Nannaku Prematho releasing as biggest “Pandem Kodi”. Does the combination bring in any refreshment to festive audience?

Plot: Abhi Ram(NTR) is an intelligent guy, establishes a company for losers called KMC. In no time, he hears that his father Ramesh Chandra Prasad(Rajendra Prasad) is in last stages of his life. Ramesh Chandra Prasad reveals his past and how he was betrayed by Krishna Murthy(Jagapathi Babu), and he tells his sons NTR, Rajeev kanakala and Srinivas Avasarala about his wish to see the down-fall of Krishna Murthy.

Does Abhiram and his brothers full filled his father’s last wish? Whats plans Abhi Ram etches to conquer Krishna murthy’s empire? Forms the film’s narration.

Analysis: Firstly, Nannaku Prematho is not any out of blue subject, It is just a routine revenge drama told in sukumarisque narration.

Amidst all the hoopla around presenting lead character’s intelligence quotient and stylish taking film lost that emotional connect, which should be at the center stage when film is based on father sentiment. Where film is low on entertainment, over the board intelligence bores you to the core.

Bragging so about logic in the film, Sukumar missed a simple logic that no millionaire keeps his life savings in a single bank account. NTR’s characterization too has a dialogue beauty to it, but it is so inconsistent throughout the films. Romance part of the film handled differently and that too feels repetitive after some time.

However, film’s finest moments comes at interval episode, the emotional climax and Rajeev Kanala’s conclusion scene where he realizes his father’s love, these scenes may make a few audience happy. NTR with his love towards film given his wholesome commitment, he lived in Abhiram’s character. Songs are made in beautiful locales and picturisation too is so good.

Artist Performance:
NTR as an artist, synced himself into the character. He has given stellar performance during climax. His graceful dance in follow follow song enthralls audience.

Rakul Preet is no match to NTR, and her screen presence is weak too.

Jagapathi Babu as an antagonist suited the bill, Rajendra Prasad is apt, Rajeev Kanakala after so many days given an impactful performance. Srinivas Avasarala is just there. Comedy gang are wasted.

Technical Departments:

Film is brilliant Visually, But last moment rush in post-production is quite evident there are so many jump cuts. Dialogues are okay but there are a few diamonds here and there(eg: nee paga swachamaindhi nana, andhuke naku prema dhorikindhi), Costumes top notch, Screenplay of the film focused more on revenge part. Sukumar as director failed live to up to the expectations.

Verdict: For niche audience, May not entertain festive audience