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Nara Rohith Is The Busiest Hero

The Nara heir, Rohit is currently the busiest hero in tinsel town. During last week he has released two teaser of his films Tuntari and Savitri, and He is going to have three releases, Tuntari, Savitri and Pandagala Dhigivachavu next month. He will be having a release every week in the next month.


Apart from these films which announced date, there is one more film ‘Raja Cheyyivesthey’ which has finished its shoot, the film’s release also be announced soon. And he had one more film “Jyoachutananda” in hand in the direction of Srinivas Avasarala.

It is not only about quantity, each film of has its variety. Savithri is typical love story and Tuntari is fantasy film which was penned by A R Murugadoss and Pandagala Dhigi vachaavu is family entertainer. So the hero is promising quality with his films.

Last year, he worked double shift to accomplish the commitment. It would be a record of sorts to release 4 films in single season in this generation of film making.