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Nagma Following Arvind Kejriwal

Nagma-KissedActress turned congress politician Nagma who recently became a subject of Kiss Controversy seems to be following Arvind Kejriwal.  The Meerut Congress Candidate was kissed by a fellow leader during her campaign.

Arvind Kejriwal was slapped by an auto driver recently but the very next day Kejriwal met the auto driver and took apologies from him and shown him the confidence. Now Nagma is planning to meet the fellow leader who kissed her publicly during a campaign and make him understand the mistake he did.

Nagma said, “See I have joined Congress, which completely follows the Gandhian (and Sardar Patel also) philosophy. That’s why I will meet the person and forgive him. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has instructed me to meet the person and spread the love. Congress does not do the politics of hatred, but only do politics of love”.