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Nagababu comments Affects Bruce Lee?

Ever since Bruce Lee project was announced there is huge hype surrounded the movie because of director Srinu Vaitla and other huge cast. The hype took to next level when Chiru’s cameo was announced. All work had been done by the makers to release it in highest number of theatres in Overseas and fantastic number in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


Despite such a huge release, it’s shocking to see that in some of the locations that film is not full. Even some of the premiere shows got cancelled because of lack of audience. Usually big star like Ram Charan doesn’t need a hit talk good first day openings but even with Chiranjeevi’s addition, the collections are dull.

The talk going behind the reasons for this are that the fans of Pawan Kalyan are hurt with the comments made by Nagababu and because of this they didn’t show much interest on the film. Second story doing the rounds is negative reviews from the premiere shows on Thursday also could be the reason for the first day collections.

With Ram Charan meeting Pawan Kalyan yesterday at Sardaar Gabbar Singh shoot, right signals has been sent to the Mega fans and Pawan fans.