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Naga Babu Shouts At Pawan Kalyan Fans

Mega-FamilyFor any event from Mega family, be it audio releases or success meets it has become common for fans chanting Power Star Pawan Kalyan. This is again repeated during the 60th birthday celebrations of Mega Star Chiranjeevi at Shilpa Kala Vedika.

As soon as Naga Babu entered the stage, Pawan fans has started shouting “We Want Powerstar” slogans. Naga Babu bursted out asking the fans if they have guts go to Pawan’s house and ask him the reason why he is not attending any Mega Events. He also said Pawan Kalyan will definitely get the invitation for all the events of the Mega heroes.

Some Mega fans are questioning how Pawan Kalyan is able to attend the 20 years event of a Telugu news channel and why is he not attending mega events. Only Pawan would be able to answer these questions.