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Mohan Babu Embarassed Current Theega Director

Nageshwar-reddy-Mohan-BabuIt is at Current theega audio function , Director Nageswar reddy faced an awkward moment during the on stage speech of Dr Mohan Babu. At the audio launch Mohan babu garu came on stage and thanked every one who attended the event and also he thanked Ram Gopal Varma for giving his elder son Manchu Vishnu a good hit in “Anukshanam”.

Here comes the embarassing moment for the director Nageswar reddy. Mohan Babu while talking about Anukshanam and praising RGV,  He revealed that the director of current theega told him that, he has no hopes on Anukshanam which at first condemned by Nageswar reddy but when asked twice he agreed that he doubted film’s success.

Mohan babu spoken at length about RGV’s ability in molding vishnu into an IPS officer for anukshanam and how he took vishnu career leaps ahead in terms of acting and also he softly criticized Nageswar Reddy by saying that he could only managed to make his hero a comedy character. The whole incident happened in a lighter tone though.

Hearing this, one can see how Mohan babu garu loves a film with substance than a commercial pot boiler and how he respects experience. During his speech he invited Supreet(Katraj) on stage  who was ignored by every one, he hugged him and said “I too started as a villain” and appreciated his performance in Anukshanam. good things to learn from the stalwart himself