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MEK 3 TRPs Showing Down Trend


When Nagarjuna decided to enter TV industry and started telugu version of Kaun Banega Crorepati(KBC) as Meelo Evaru Koteswarudu(MEK) become sensational shown on Tv and gained high TRPs, which paved way for second and third versions of the game show. Although second version was not as successful as first version, it did well to entertain audience.

But the recently started 3rd version showing down trend with each passing show, Nagarjuna’s humble and natural behaviour with the contestents was the highlight in the first edition of the show, which is missing in the current edition, he is over trying to get that appeal which is making it artificial and other crucial factor which back fired is instead of appreciating contestents talent in answering the question, they are projecting themselves as if the show is uplifting the lives of their contestents, MEK-3 punch line also suggest the same “Samanyudi Simhasanam”.

Whatever, may be the reasons the show which made crores of audience glued to the Tv sets in its fiorst edition losing its loyal audience because of wrong campaigning and showing over enthusiasm for TRPs making it artificial. Hope the team make needed tweaks to the show, and ensure more audience.