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Mahesh’s Aagadu Movie Live Theatre Update-Tweet Review

Mahesh-ShrutiTitle : Aagadu
Cast : Mahesh Babu, Tamanna, Sonu Sood, Brahmanandam
Director : Srinu Vaitla
Producers : 14 Reels Entertainment
Music : S S Thaman
Cinematography : K V Guhan
Writers : Anil Ravipudi, Upendra & Praveen Varma
Release Date : Sep 19th, 2014

Aagadu Movie Live Theatre Update-Tweet Review Follows by 06:30 AM IST

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6:30 AM: Aagadu show-time… Titles on screen. Started off with a Voice over by Srinu Vaitla explaining the film’s plot is about kruthagyatha – gratitude

6:35 AM: Mahesh childhood scenes are gripping. Rajendra Prasad helps orphan Mahesh as a guardian and Mahesh reciprocates with a greater help, to know more catch it on the big screen.

6:40 AM: Story now moved to current times with mind-blowing entrance of Mahesh Babu in Police uniform. Super star started off with “CI Garu vasthey salute cheyyakunda…” dialogues and lot more punch dialogues, Theater going berserk, whistles all over.

6:45 AM: First song time. Title song showing Mahesh Babu “Encounter Shankar’s” Encounter skills and Attitude. Mahesh Babu is ruling.

6:50 AM: Movie is  moving in breath taking pace, Mahesh appointed as CI for Bukkapatnam. The place which is critical situation due to villain Sonu Sood(Damodar). Dialogues delivered by Mahesh are Superb. Scenes are interesting.

6:55 AM: Surprise here Nazar for the first time appearing in a comedy role. He is making it count, interesting character he sported as SI. Vennela Kishore too made his appearance as constable comedy scenes in a row.

7:05 AM:  Mahesh the encounter Shankar started his mind game on the villain Sonu Sood. Two out of 3 dialogues so far are punch dialogues. Dialogue “Audio function lo hero ni pogidinatu pogadakandi” is hilarious, laughs and laughs and laughs all over the theater.

7:10 AM:  Sonu Sood wants to complete his dream project in bukkapatnam, Mahesh is here is stop. What is Sonu Sood’s dream project and How Mahesh Babu will stop have to be seen on big screen.

7:15 AM: Leading Tamanna made her entrance. She is awesome. Love at first sight for Mahesh but Tamanna (Saroja) hates police and loves publicity. Tamanna father owns a sweet shop and she makes publicity.

7:20 AM: MS Narayana entered as Lawyer database Shankar. Srinu Vaitla mark naming of characters. Tamanna family’s intro scene is hilarious.

7:21 AM: Tamanna’s Characterization is Typical. She is more keen on making her business successful. Good base for a great comedy track. Tamanna’s (Pelli choopulu) scene getting superb applause, entertaining. Scenes in the combination Tamanna and Mahesh Babu are good.

Comment: Movie is running on comedy tracks, there is no solid plot revealed yet. But so far entertaining.

7:25 AM: Mahesh Babu attacking various businesses of Sonu Sood, using the weak links of the villain. He is using the henchman of Villain Raghu Babu(Phirangi)’s weakness. Good scenes.

7:30 AM: Second song started “Aaja Saroja”, Song’s locations are scenic..Tamanna and Mahesh looks awesome as pair. No notable dance movements in the song.

7:40 AM: Posani Krishnamurali entered, Back to back comedy scenes with him in Mahesh combination. Srinu Vaitla untilizing both actors comic timing in a big way. this MEK spoof scenes are hilarious. A big scene but thoroughly entertained. Final touch by Mahesh Babu with mass step is mesmerizing.

7:50 AM: Bhel Bhel Bhel Puri Bhalegunnadhey song, third song time folks. Picturized on Mahesh and tamanna, a few steps by Mahesh Babu got the roaring reception by the audience in the theater. Mahesh Babu shouldering everything.

7:55 AM: Story is now moving into serious plot. Mahesh come across RajendraPrasad, but hides himself, wait for the answer on big screen.

Sonu Sood who operating from overseas, now arrives into bukkapatnam, to see who is causing troubles to his bussinesses. Mahesh performing his skin out.

8:00 AM: Fight with Villains Brother on road to boost confidence in his team of police and public is Stylish. Movie is now into elevating mode, Pre interval scenes going on. Mahesh Babu’s direct face-off with Sonu Sood. Captivating.

8:05 AM: Interval bang ends with a mediocre fight but Brahmaji’s dialogues getting huge response from the fans. Overall a entertaining but routine first half, a lot depends on second half to know what it offers. Interval time.

8:15 AM: Second started off with the reverse strategy from the villain, Mahesh gets a huge blow. How villain plans this have to be seen on big screen. A nice start indeed.

8:25 AM: Some crucial scenes on the main plot of movie going on. Ajay as son of RajendraPrasad and Ashish Vidyardhi as SP entered the Movie. A few plot revealing twists. Mahesh Babu starts mind game again and joined hands with Sonu Sood, to get some clues. What clues he is searching for is crucial? watch it on big screen.

8:30 AM: Here guys, the most awaited item song “Junction lo”, Shruthi Haasan firing it on the celluloid. Mahesh Babu along with the new item girl Shruthi shaking the theatre literally. Her hip moves are very good on eyes. Superbly timed song.

8:35 AM: Here comes the comedy king Brahmanandam with a new name “Delhi Suri” to the roaring welcome by all the audience. Mahesh Babu started using The Brahmi.

8:40 AM: Srinu Vaitla seems to be focused more on Punch dialogues. film has ample of dialogues, but the plot lacks depth. Film is heavily dependent on Mahesh Babu so far and he is shouldering it effectively.

8:50 AM: Movie is still be in single mind game thread. Brahmi’s comedy is good but no in any comparison with other Srinu Vaitla works. No high points so far in the second half. Going on in a flat mode. Thaman’s BGM is cool.

9:00 AM: Time for a another song on lead pair. Naari Naari song started.

9:10 AM: Mahesh Babu plans for Sonu Sood’s brother death.

9:20 AM: Sonu Sood comes to know the person behind the murders. Mahesh Babu is using Brahmanandam (Delhi Suri) to the fullest.

9:30 AM: Brahmanandam’s Melody dance starts. Dancing to the tunes of NTR, Ram Charan and Allu Arjun moves. Hilarious scene.

9:40 AM: Brahmanandam dancing to Sir Vastharu Vastharu and Cinema chupista mama are hilarious.

9:50 AM: Movie entered Climax. Fight starts between Sonu Sood and Mahesh Babu.

10:00 AM: Movie ends on a positive note. It’s all Mahesh’s one man show.

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